• Pork Chillaquiles
  • Shrimp Fajitas
  • Diablo Chicken


Our Story

Caliente is a Chef driven, family-owned Tex-Mex restaurant. What sets Caliente apart from other restaurants is not only our Farm to Fork method and made fresh daily menu but also our creativity. We believe food should be an experience and we deliver this with some of our creative menu items. 

We use a very natural way of cooking, roasting vegetables, and blending them to create unique and interesting sauces. Most of our food is Gluten Free because of our natural cooking process.  We offer a variety of boutique high-end wines from around the world. Try a glass on your next visit or try out a specialty margarita.

As a company, we are most proud of our team’s dedication to quality and to our community. We have an unwavering culture within the restaurant to only serve our customers the best quality products, and support our community. 

We get most of our products from Texas, (Beef Fajita is from Cameron, Texas). We are a Farm to Fork restaurant, which will keep us creative through the different seasons, by using top-quality products that are in season, like outside skirt steak, hand-picked avocados, and fresh, ripe tomatoes. Make your meal complete and pair it with one of our high-end wines or a craft Mexican beer!